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RennerPro e3b
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RennerPro e3b is a breeding database for gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)..



  • Database
  • Administration of your
    • Housings/Cages
    • Pedigrees
    • Breeding Pairs and Trial Matings
    • Contacts, Breeders and Vets
    • Statistics
    • Photos
    • Litters and Pups
    • Reservations, Enquiries, Orderbook
  • GenSpeculator calculates the colors and genotypes of the descendants
  • Color and Genotype Check
  • Reports
  • Inbreeding Coefficient
  • Import and Export of the Data
  • RennerChart: Diagrams for your Statistics
  • RennerFinancial: Cashbook, Income/Expense
  • Weight Control
  • Relationsships
  • Hutch cards



30.- Euro*


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Version 3.28 / Windows (More)


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RennerPro e3b is Shareware!

  • The Shareware version of RennerPro e3b is restricted:
    1. You can add at most four animals to the database
    2. no export of your data
  • Unlimited trial
  • Registration fee is 30 Euro*
  • There is no loss of data by the registration


*license key sent by email


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